Dr. Lawrence Weinberg represents parents of special needs students at impartial hearings in New York and administrative hearings in New Jersey. Dr. Weinberg also hadles appeals to the State Review Officer and to federal court. He also represents parents in appeals to the New York State Commissioner of Education on various issues, including transportation, vaccinations, and gifted and talented programs.

Dr. Weinberg is also a nationally recognized expert in the field of charter schools. His book, Religious Charter Schools: Legalities and Practicalities has been hailed as a groundbreaking work, bringing the light of reason to a major issue clouded by controversy and misunderstanding.

Dr. Weinberg has been written about in various publications and was a presenter at the White House Summit on Inner-City Children and Faith-Based Schools.

Dr. Weinberg holds both a law degree and a doctor of education degree from Boston University. His Master's in education was earned at his undergraduate alma mater, Northwestern University.

With a wealth of expertise and experience in the area, Dr. Weinberg can serve as a consultant to groups and families interested in starting or joining religious charter schools, and to those who require consultation about legal, religious, or educational issues.

Dr. Weinberg is available for comments to media regarding stories about religious charter schools and is able to serve as an expert witness in cases regarding this issue.

Dr. Weinberg has applied his unique academic background as both an attorney and an educator. In law, he specializes in complex commercial litigations. He has also worked as a legal consultant, writing briefs for other attorneys.

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White House Summit

Dr. Lawrence Weinberg spoke at the White House Summit on Inner-City Children and Faith-Based Schools. Read more