Special Education Attorney


Dr. Lawrence Weinberg taught at a special needs school and holds two advanced degrees in education, in addition to his law degree. His background enables him to understand complex educational issues when representing parents in disputes with school districts. Dr. Weinberg assists parents of special needs children in various issues, including the provision of a free appropriate public education, tuition reimbursement, related services, program recommendation, and placement in the least restrictive environment.

Dr. Weinberg represents parents of special needs students at impartial hearings in New York and New Jersey. Dr. Weinberg also handles appeals to the State Review Officer and to federal court when other attorneys represented parents in impartial hearings. Dr. Weinberg is affiliated with Susan Luger Associates, Inc., educational advocates.


Dr. Weinberg also represents parents in appeals to the New York State Commissioner of Education on various issues, including transportation, vaccinations, gifted and talented programs, and other educational issues.