Workshops, Lectures, and Seminars

Dr. Weinberg has made presentations to various groups on the following topics:

Religious Charter Schools

The Separation Between Church and State in Education

Students’ Rights

  • Students’ Free Speech Rights
  • Searching Students
  • Accommodating Students’ Religious Beliefs

Teachers’ Rights

  • Teachers’ Religious Rights
  • Teachers’ Free Speech Rights
  • Tenure and Due Process
  • Worker’s Compensation Basics

Student Identity Issues

  • Implementing Multiculturalism
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Race and Affirmative Action
  • Sexual Harassment in Schools
  • Religion in the Public Schools

Background Information

  • Understanding the Law
  • Understanding School Choice
  • Introduction to Contracts
  • No Child Left Behind Act
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act

Teachers’ Legal Responsibilities

  • Teachers’ Tort Liability
  • Copyright in the Classroom
  • Reporting Child Abuse


Workshops for Teachers

Teaching is one of the most heavily regulated professions in this country. Teachers must constantly be aware of and balance students’ rights, state and federal regulations, local school district policies and mandates, and their ethical responsibilities.

Meanwhile, many teachers are not made aware of many of the legal frameworks in which they operate. Many teachers don’t know their own rights or the bounds of their students’ rights. Understanding the laws that affect them empowers teachers by giving them knowledge and makes them better teachers by helping them better understand their obligations and rights.

Lawrence Weinberg

Lawrence Weinberg is registered by the New Jersey Department of Education as a Registered New Jersey Professional Development Provider for teachers, with Provider Identification number #6493.

As an attorney and an educator, Lawrence Weinberg understands both the language and requirements of the legal framework in which teachers operate and the pedagogical and professional requirements of the educational framework in which teachers operate.

Dr. Weinberg has taught at the elementary and high school levels. He has also taught teachers and administrators at the college and graduate level.

Dr. Weinberg has delivered school law workshops for parents or teachers.